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Pediatric physical therapy is crucial in today's time and environment. Early intervention into a young child's life is showing tremendous outcomes for both gross and fine motor skills. Prevention Physical Therapy utilizes state of the art equipment including, biofeedback units, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, and manual skills. This lends the extra help all our children need to continue to grow.


Prevention Physical Therapy is an outpatient & home health facility that focuses on providing the highest quality care for you, the patient. We specialize in providing a high standard of care aimed at providing a speedy and efficient recovery. Throughout you treatment with Prevention Physical Therapy you will be welcome to know that we are able to be contacted through various avenues of communication. We pride ourselves in allowing you to be able to contact our therapists through phone, e-mail, fax, and internet. This allows you to have 24 hour a day access to our therapists in providing you the highest quality of care. Our final goal is in providing you the ability to develop rehabilitation goals with our professional staff. During the initial consult, the goal setting process begins by developing realistic and meaningful goals for you to achieve. Together, we will begin the rehabilitation process to our goal of achieving the highest rehabilitation potential possible.


Prevention Physical Therapy is owned by Preston Olson, DPT, CES. Dr. Olson graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a masters in physical therapy and is currently completing his doctoral degree. Dr. Olson is also a certified ergonomic specialist. Therapists employed by Prevention Physical Therapy also hold either Doctorates or Master level degrees in Physical Therapy. Dr. Olson has pursued further education in ergonomics with many courses including the two leading providers of ergonomic consulting in the United States:
IMPACC USA: Educated by Lauren Hebert the developer of the IMPACC program and involved in the workers compensation cost reduction industry for twenty years. The Back School of Atlanta: Educated by the school founded by Ronald Porter a leading PT in ergonomics consulting for many industries throughout the United States.


Prevention Physcial Therapy

Physical therapy for Pediatric, Personal Injury, and Industrial / ergonomic rehabilitation.
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